According to the Presidium of Higher Attestation Commission (HAC) of Ukraine Resolution from 15.01.2003 No. 7-05/1 and the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine from 17.10.2012 No. 1111, scientific articles should include the following elements:

- problem statement in general and its connection with an important scientific and practical tasks;

- analysis of recent research and publications, where the solution of a given problem was initiated;

- definition of unresolved issues to which the article is devoted;

- formulation of the article’s aim and goals, which the author seeks to achieve;

- main research material;

- justification of scientific results;

- conclusions and perspectives for further research in this direction.

Postgraduate students, applicants and masters must have a scientific advisor’s review.

Attention! The authors are fully responsible for the accuracy of the material presented, the accuracy of the quotations, statistics, proper names. Articles submitted in violation of these requirements will not be accepted for publication. The authors’ opinion may not coincide with the opinion of the editors. The editorial board reserves the right to scientific editing. The fact of plagiarism detected by the editorial office is an unconditional reason for the article rejection.

Article Design Requirements

The editorial board accepts for publication articles with the following structural elements:

1 . The UDC index is placed before the title of the article.

2. Information about the author : surname, name and patronymic; scientific degree, academic status, position and place of work (training) with the city indication; ORCID ID (, email, phone. The information above must be submitted in Ukrainian and English (see Table 1). The author’s name and surname transliterate in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine “On the Regulation of Transliteration of the Ukrainian Alphabet by Latin” from 27.01.2010 No. 55 ( ).

3 . The title (name), abstract and keywords of the article must be submitted in Ukrainian and English. The volume of Ukrainian abstract – up to 600 symbols. The abstract in English must be expanded – one text page or at least 1800 symbols. Keywords – from three to ten.

The author is responsible for the quality and content of the English-language unit.

4. The main text of the article should be approximately 10–12 pages (reference list, abstracts and keywords are not taken into account in the mentioned volume).

Page parameters: A4 format, printing type – Times New Roman, size 14, interval 1.5, margins: top – 30 mm, bottom – 30 mm, left – 30 mm, right – 15 mm, paragraph indent – 10 mm. Tables, charts and drawings made in the Word editor must necessarily be grouped in an electronic version. The references to the sources in the text should be indicated in the order they are indicated in the body of the article in square brackets with the number of the corresponding source pages (for example, [1, p. 235] or [2, p. 8; 3, p. 45]). It is obligatory to give references to all the sources given in the reference list.

Most of the sources should reflect the current state of scientific research and are not to be older than 5–10 years. The advantage should be given to materials with a high index of influence and basic monographs with DOI, which should be indicated by a space (on the keyboard) after the bibliographic description of the source in the reference list. DOI of the publications can be found at . The advantage should be given to the primary sources included to Web of Science or Scopus.

5. The reference list should contain 10–15 sources (the optimal number) and must not include references to the author himself. The list of used references is provided after the text and must be made in accordance with the standards of the bibliographic description (DSTU 7152:2010, “Editions. Preparation of Publications in Journals and Collections”, DSTU GOST 7.1: 2006, “System of Standards on Information, Librarianship and Publishing. Bibliographic Record. Bibliographic Description. General Requirements and Rules for Compilation”, DSTU 3582: 2013 “Bibliographic Description of Words and Phrases Abbreviations in Ukrainian”, GOST 7.12–93 “System of Standards on Information, Librarianship and Publishing. Bibliographic Record. Abbreviation of Words in the Russian Language. General Requirements and Rules”).

6. References is submitted in addition (transliterated list of literature), issued according to the APA international bibliographic standard (see Links to the rules of transliteration from the Ukrainian language – and from the Russian language – ).

Table 1

Adjuncts of the main positions, academic qualifications and scientific degrees



доктор педагогічних наук

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences / Ed.D. in Pedagogy

кандидат педагогічних наук

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences / Ph.D. in Pedagogy




Associate Professor

старший викладач

Senior Lecturer



провідний/старший/молодший науковий співробітник

Leading/Senior/Junior Researcher


Doctoral Student


Postgraduate Student



7. Authors who submit materials to the scientific-methodical journal “Education and Development of Gifted Personality” must give their photo for layout.

To publish the article send by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the following:
- electronic text version of the article;
- for postgraduate students - a scanned copy of the review from the advisor;
- photo of the author;
- completed Form “Information about the author” (see appendices)
- a scanned copy of the completed Form “Confirmation of the research originality” (see appendices)



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