General terms

Editorial Policy of the publication is based on the following principles:
–    objectivity and impartiality in the selection of articles for the purpose of its publication;
–    exactingness to the quality of scientific research;
–    mandatory peer review of the articles;
–    collegiality in decision-making regarding the publication of articles;
–    availability and efficiency in communicating with the Authors;
–    enforcement of copyright;
–    adherence to the timetable of the journal printing.

Editorial Policy of the publication is formed on the base of the Order of NAS of Ukraine from 15.04.2009 No. 2 “Code of Ethics for a Scientist in Ukraine”.
The Editorial categorically condemns the manifestations of plagiarism in articles as a violation of copyright and scientific ethics. It also takes all possible measures to prevent plagiarism.

Authors must adhere to publication ethics to avoid simultaneous submission of one material to several journals, plagiarism, and data manipulation, etc. Reviewers and members of the editorial board are required to conduct an impartial expert review of manuscripts with the respect to confidentiality. The Editorial Board carefully scrutinizes all disputes and violations, corrects and removes materials if necessary.

Editorial Board activities
Authors get the detailed instructions regarding the rules of article registration, the editorial and publishing process, the timing of materials receiving and the dates of issues publication.
Editorial Board: defines the criteria for materials evaluation and selects reviewers for each individual manuscript;  carries out materials verification regarding the relevance of the topic and its importance for researchers and readers;  controls the proper scientific level of the material, provides the necessary explanations;  provides publicity and openness to reflect the scientific issues of scientific and educational institutions’ research teams;  makes suggestions and comments on the content and form of scientific material presentation, and, if necessary, returns the article to the Author for its revision.

Collaboration with Authors
Before submitting the manuscript, Authors should check whether their material corresponds to all of the items below. The article must meet the problem area of the publication. It must not be previously published and included in another journal for the review and publication. The text of the article must have the main structural elements (relevance, purpose, analysis of the other researchers’ publications, main part, conclusions, reference list).
Responsibilities of the Authors:
- be fully responsible for the reliability of the provided material, quotation accuracy, statistical data, proper names, illustrative materials, etc.;
- to eliminate all the disadvantages of the article in accordance with the comments of the Editorial Board and Reviewers;
- not to grant the right to post the article to other persons.

Articles submitted in violation of these requirements are not accepted for publication. The fact of plagiarism revealed by the Editorial Board is an absolute ground for the article rejection.

When submitting an article for publication, the Author guarantees that:
1) the content of the article is original, does not contain borrowings without the corresponding reference or preliminary agreement;
2) the article was not printed in other editions;
3) the article is not a reworking of previously published articles, contains a new material or a new scientific understanding of already known material;
4) the names of all co-Authors of a written scientific work (article) are indicated in the article, and no person who is not a co-Author of a written scientific work (article) is assigned to them, and all co-Authors of the written scientific work (article) are acquainted with the final version of the article, approved it and gave their consent to the publication.

The Editorial Office reserves the right to insignificant literary editing and proofreading of texts with preservation of the Author’s style.

Collaboration with reviewers
Reviewers are provided with detailed instructions on how to process the articles.  The Reviewer must report if he/she detects any cases of plagiarism.  Reviewers must act objectively and impartially; adhere to confidentiality principles, as well as contribute to the improvement of published materials’ quality.




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