Publication of articles in the quarterly scientific-methodical journal “Education and Development of Gifted Personality” and DOI assignment is carried out at the authors’ expense.

The cost of one text page, submitted in accordance with the publisher requirements (size - 14, interval - 1.5, printing type - Times New Roman) - 40 UAH with VAT. The DOI cost - 50 UAH per article.

DOI assignment and payment is a requirement for all scientific publications. DOI assignment and payment for popular science materials (section “I am a gifted personality”), author’s master classes, programs, projects are carried out at the author’s request.

Invoice payment sent to the author has to be made only after the review of the article and the recommendation for the material to be published. Payment for the publication provides the author with a free author’s publication copy (on general terms – b&w printing; color printing – by arrangement).

It is possible to order a printed publication copy separately. The cost is 150 UAH + delivery.

Interesting to know!

The editorial board of the scientific-methodical journal “Education and Development of Gifted Personality” publishes free of charge the winners’ materials of the annual All-Ukrainian competition “Creative Teacher - Gifted Student”.

In addition, in each issue in the section “I am a Gifted Personality we publish articles about gifted children of Ukraine and their achievements (in the intellectual, creative, artistic, sports spheres) free of charge. The child about whom the material is published receives 1 printed copy also for free. This can be a publication that is not only dedicated to a specific child, but, for example, a creative team or section, club.


Materials for publishing, prepared according to the requirements should be sent to the e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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